What If All Of The Animals In 'The Lion King' Were Actually People? (Photos)

For some strange reason, people of the Internet have an unusual obsession with drawing up characters from "The Lion King."

Now, these aren't just any "Lion King" drawings, they're drawings of the characters transformed into actual people.

Most can be found on art or image-based sites like DeviantART and Imgur. The artists of these drawings aren't picky, their choice of characters ranges from Kiara and Kovu to Simba and Mufasa.

Despite each drawing's creativity, most of them are causing mixed emotions due to the fact that the movie took place in Africa but a majority of the characters were drawn to be Caucasian.

Just like everything else on the Internet, it eventually turned into a racial debate, so there's no surprise there!

Check out the drawings below for a closer look at the best ones scattered throughout the web.



H/T: Funniest, Photos Courtesy Of: Imgur