Weed Suppositories Actually Exist And They'll Ease The Pain Of Your Cramps

by Kate Ryan

Throughout history, women have turned to dark chocolate, Barefoot bubbly, heating pads and -- my personal favorite -- Vicodin to help ease monthly period pains.

Now, ladies can finally add something novel to the ever-growing list of remedies: weed tampons. Basically.

Thanks to the geniuses at Foria, you can now get cannabis-infused vaginal suppositories to put your uterus at ease. Dubbed "Foria Relief," each suppository contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD, which will get your vagina stoned without going straight to your head.

So, if you're looking to get high casually with Cleopatra (or whatever you call yours), you'll need to roll a separate joint.

At $44 for a 4-pack of suppositories, you'll still want to hang on to your actual tampons. Still, has Tampax ever numbed your vag? I really hope not.

Sophie Saint-Thomas tested out the ganja-infused suppositories in an article for Racked and said,

It was like if Ativan made a baby with Tylenol, except I hadn't thrust any nasty pharmaceuticals into my vag; just cannabis and cocoa butter.

That sounds like a winning combo to me.

As of now, Foria Relief is only available in California and Colorado where weed is legal, giving you all the more reason to vote this election season.

Support pro-weed legislation in your home state, if only for the sake of your cramps.

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