Guy Figures Out A Way To Travel Around The World In Only 12 Hours (Photos)

The Internet is a wonderful place. It's almost as cool as some of our favorite cities around the world.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by The Flash Pack, the travel site's cofounder, Lee Thompson, decides to embark on an impossible journey.

Thompson, who is based in London, gave himself just 12 hours to travel all the way around the world.

No, he didn't board a lightning-fast jet and circle the globe.

And he actually had a chance to stop at a few restaurants, bars and landmarks in the process.

It's safe to say he fulfilled his wanderlust. But how? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Check out the photos and video below to solve the mystery.

Meet Lee Thompson, a cofounder of a travel site called The Flash Pack.


Thompson is making headlines for successfully "traveling the world" in 12 hours. Here he is at the airport.

First, he went to Germany for a beer.

After Germany, he was off to Istanbul.

After indulging in fresh gozleme and spiced lamb, he set off for a milkshake in the United States.

Next stop: Thailand. There, he visited a Buddhist temple and met a monk named Ruchi.

It doesn't stop there. Shortly after, Thompson made his way to Beijing for a selfie with locals.

Finally, he landed in Lebanon to dance with Lebanese dancers until the sun came up. How the hell is he doing this, you ask?!

He never left London! All of these authentic locations in the English city will make you feel like you traveled around the world!

Flash Pack on YouTube

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