This Video Shows You How To See Proof Of Human Evolution On Your Own Body

Have you ever wondered why humans have tailbones? Or why we get goosebumps when we're cold or emotionally stimulated (i.e when you listen to powerful music)?

It's not just genetics, although that does play a role. The real reason for these seemingly useless characteristics? Evolution.

This fascinating video posted to Facebook by Vox on Thursday demonstrates how we can observe the marks of evolution through “vestigial characteristics,” or features left over from our ancestors that we no longer need for survival.

There are dozens of examples of vestigial traits. Some, like the tailbone, are physical, while others, like an infant's instinct to tightly grasp his or her feet and hands when stimulated, are behavioral.

All, however, are proof of the evolutionary process — and as such, shed light on the incredible changes mankind has undergone in the history of its existence.

Check out the fascinating video above.

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