These Are The 6 Real Benefits Of Vaping Instead Of Smoking Your Weed

by Julian Sonny

As times change, so should the way we smoke.

But while there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional methods out there, vaping has proved to be the most efficient and healthy.

We've heard this time and time before, but what is it about the vaporization process that's so different?

Does it work as well as smoking a joint? Are they difficult to maintain? Should I actually get one for myself?

We're here to clear up some things for you.

It's good (or at least better) for your lungs.

Marijuana isn't bad for you, but smoking anything is not good for your poor lungs. Even inhaling carcinogens at a campfire is terrible.

However, all of the negative byproducts caused from joints, blunts, bongs, etc, are eliminated through the vaporization process.

Instead of the flames combusting and creating harmful toxins, the vape takes cannabis to its "boiling point" where you get all of the same effects from the THC without burning anything at all.

It's cleaner with barely any maintenance.

With no need for an ashtray or clean up, you won't have to deal with any resin like you do in bowls and bongs, either.

Vaporizing is the cleanest way to ingest your cannabis and the condition of your device (even after use) often shows that.

It's low key and you can smoke one virtually anywhere.

There isn't any lingering scent that will put you in a compromising position although there is a slight smell that should be accounted for.

Through the vaporization process, it often smells like burnt popcorn. Portable vaporizers like the Pax 2 are perfect for outside use with seamless convenience anywhere you go.

With different temperature settings, you can control how high the heat goes and how much vapor you want to yield for yourself.

It's cost efficient and saves you money/weed.

You get the most from your weed every time and it lasts longer, too!

Instead of burning all of your flowers at the first go around, you get the most out of your cannabis because it doesn't all ash out immediately.

Even with the smallest amounts of marijuana inserted into your device, you get way more out of it because it's producing the entire amount until the plant is completely dehydrated.

Plus, you can save the leftovers and make edibles with vaped weed!

It works like a charm and gets you just as high.

As a consumer, you want the biggest bang for your buck, right?

Not only do you feel the effects in the same instant as you would smoking, but vaping provides you with a cleaner high that's just as potent as smoking a joint or bong and it's actually better!

That's because vaporized gas consists of 95 percent cannabinoids while regular smoke gives you around just 88 percent.

Once again, you're getting the most refined experience without having to ingest any harmful chemicals and only taking in what you need.

You feel great afterward and can do more with your life!

There's nothing worst than feeling the effects of smoking while doing strenuous physical activity.

Vaporizing prevents that and you'll be able to live an active lifestyle, free from shortness of breath and coughing, that will help you in everything else you do.