Here's Definitive Proof Vanessa Hudgens Is The Queen Of Coachella


Let's just get this out of the way: Vanessa Hudgens is a national treasure... at least when it comes to music festivals.

The 27-year-old actress, made famous for her role in "High School Musical," not only made her mark on teen films forever, but she has also reigned supreme for festival fashion since 2010.

Basically, Vanessa is synonymous with festivals and festival fashion. But, her place in history as the queen of Coachella may be coming to an end.

In January, Hudgens told Entertainment Tonight,

I love music festivals. I really do. I live for the summer, the festivals, but it's just hard now because everyone knows that I go. I love going to festivals to disappear, and I can't really do that at Coachella anymore. So, if I get artist passes for me and my friends then I'll definitely go, but it's a different experience now.

SAD. SAD, SAD, SAD. Poor Vanessa can't even go to Coachella and disappear, you guys!

Well, guess what, Vanessa? That's too bad. You'll always be the queen of Coachella in our minds and in our hearts. Check out the photos below that totally prove she is the ruler of festival grounds forever.

Vanessa can't even wait for Coachella, and she knows it.

The Broadway babe posted this snap of her Coachella nails on April 13, so you know this bae is totally going.

She got this dope-ass haircut strictly for Coachella-ing.

Look at this etherial goddess! She can't stop, won't stop.

She's already collecting flowers for her crown.

Like any true Coachella QUEEN, Hudgens is going to, without a doubt, rock a massive flower masterpiece on her head.

She's literally party ready.

Sure, this is from the Oscars, but WHO CARES?? She's ready to party, you guys.

She has been practicing sitting on lawns for MONTHS.

If Vanessa knows one thing, it's how to sit on a lawn and look cool, which is basically essential to Coachella.

Vanessa, don't give up, we swear we will respect your space at Coachella and ONLY take photos of you when you aren't looking.