The Two Types Of People In The World Are Easily Defined By Food (Photos)

There are two types of people in this world -- people who eat their pizza crust and shady people who don't. It's that simple.

Steering away from food, there are two types of people in the world -- people who prefer dogs and people who prefer cats.

If you've ever thought the true meaning of life was just too complex to process, there are a few comparisons out there that will help you figure out who you are.

We recently came across an awesome collection of visuals put together by the food and restaurant-centered site Zomato.

Each of the visuals helps us define who we are in life versus the other people who walk this earth with us.

Who knew food had the most to do with our identities?!

People who eat the crust vs. People who don't

People who prefer Coke vs. People who prefer Pepsi

People who want good food vs. People who want a good deal

People who eat a lot vs. People who don't

People who use Apple's iOS vs. People who use Android OS

People who make their snacks shareable vs. People who claim the entire thing

People who eat at the dining table vs. People who eat in their beds

People who dip their french fries in ketchup vs. People who dip ketchup in their french fries

People who like ketchup vs. People who like mustard

People who drink tea vs. People who drink coffee

People who have a drink vs. People who down shot after shot

People who eat cheeseburgers vs. People who eat hamburgers

People who use eating utensils vs. People who use their hands

People who foot the bill vs. People who make you foot the bill

People who eat Oreos like savages vs. People who lick off the creme

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