Two Brothers Hilariously Recreated Their Awkward Childhood Photos

There's no better way to reminisce on a few precious memories than to whip out some of those old, embarrassing family portraits your parents forced you to take as a child.

But have you ever wondered what your painfully awkward mall photos would look like if they got a modern makeover?

Well, thanks to two clever brothers, we now know, and it's not pretty.

Recently, Reddit user mattybgcg grabbed his brother and headed to Target in search of the perfect gift for their parents. But instead of giving them a generic present, these guys wanted to make mom and dad something truly unique and personalized.

So they recreated a bunch of their old family photos, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Take one look at their photos, and it's not hard to see everything about their comical portraits is on point.

Whether this dynamic duo is breaking out some matching denim or using a helmet that looks an awful lot like a bowl cut to hide a bit of hair loss, these brothers prove family photos are pretty much guaranteed to be awkward and embarrassing no matter what age you are.

These brothers gave their parents a blast from the past by recreating all of their old photos.

From the outfits to the poses, everything looks pretty exact.

Matching denim jackets really bring back the memories.

Nothing screams awkward like some adult-sized overalls.

They're bringing back their old childhood sweaters.

That helmet really nails his horrible childhood haircut.

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