Crazy Daredevils Ride Tricycles Down The World's Steepest Street (Video)

As a little kid, I would always ride my hot pink Barbie tricycle down the biggest hill in the neighborhood.

There was nothing more exhilarating than feeling the wind in my sparkly handlebar streamers.

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is: Yes, I was a real badass back in the day.

But, that poor excuse for a speed bump I used to ride is nothing compared to the enormous hill Harley Jolly and his SLIDE Churchchrist pals conquered with their adult three-wheelers.

Recently, these drift tricycle enthusiasts strapped on GoPros and made their way to Baldwin Street in New Zealand so they could take on the "steepest street in the world."

In the video, you can see these daredevils fly down an insane incline at top speeds. If that doesn't look impressive (or scary) enough for you, these guys take it to the next level of extreme by drifting their trikes as they make their way to the bottom.

Check out the video to see these insane drift trikers take on the steepest street in the world.