These 20 Brutally Honest Versions Of Job Titles Show Your Job Is Truly Meaningless

by Robert Anthony

If you have a job, you know some people take their job titles way too seriously. Many of them just sit around and do the bare minimum all day long.

Whether you're a sales associate taking on a retail position at a high-end store, or a director at a major corporation, there's a high chance you should just be called a more simplified name rather than whatever your business card says you are.

In a recent photo series released by Someecards, we're all exposed to the harsh reality of what our job titles actually entail.

Check them out below for a closer look. Which one are you?!

Brand Ambassador

Project Manager

PR Director

HR Director

Head of IT

Graphic Designer

Office Manager


Social Media Strategist



Customer Service Rep


Events Coordinator


Summer Intern

Account Executive

Executive Assistant


Building Security

H/T: Design Taxi, Photos Courtesy: Some E Cards