The Top 20 Things To Propose With Other Than A Diamond Ring

As we all know, change is good. Or at least it should be. In America, we're constantly pressured to follow tradition and established structure in the way we live our lives, but it's time to switch things up a little bit. Proposing shouldn't automatically mean finding the biggest, fanciest ring you can afford and hoping you don't see her on a rerun of The History Channel's "Pawn Stars."

To avoid something like that ever happening to you, you're going to need to go big. We're talking about things she'll never want to get rid of -- ever.

Now, we're not saying you should go out and start proposing to people this very moment, but if you're going to inflict that kind of pain on yourself, there's a certain way you can properly do it without following clichés and dumb traditions. Here are the top 20 things to propose with other than a cheesy diamond ring!

The $2.5 Million Dollar Floral Fantasy Bra From Victoria's Secret

A Lifetime Supply of Molly So Keeping Her Happy Is Effortless

A Nice $19 Million Dollar House In Fortunago, Italy, So You Can Send Her Away

A Clone of Yourself

A Lifetime Supply Of Dinner In The Sky

A Lifetime Supply of Anti-Aging Cream

The Most Expensive Heels In The World For $500,000

A Pink Lamborghini Aventador for $400,000

The Most Expensive Dildo In The World For $1 Million

A recipe for "The Douche Burger," The Most Expensive Burger On The Market (Includes Caviar)

Here at Elite Daily, we're all about equality. Therefore, we believe that women should propose to men as well -- and not with just a sandwich, but with very expensive, thoughtful items. Here are the 10 things women can propose to men with, besides the perfect sandwich.

A $5 Million Dollar Hublot

10 Pounds of Super Silver Kush Worth About $45,000

A Couple Of Yachts

The Adela Sex Chair

The $30 Million Dollar Bombardier Challenger 850

Lifetime Season Tickets To Salsa Dancing Class/Giants Games

Gold Ducati Worth About $60,000

Get Yourself Hot Friends For Him To Hang Out With

Season Tickets To NBA Games In 3 Major Cities

A Pearl White Bugatti For $1 Million