The 10 Best SmartWatches To Accompany Your Wrist

With smartphones and smart TVs in complete control of the rising technology market, it's only expected that smartwatches are up next. But which ones can you get your hands on right now? Well, you'd be surprised. Not all of these watches are budding concepts, as some are already on the market and ready for order.

You might have to wait a little longer for bigger brands like SONY and Apple to release their competition-crushing versions of the smartwatch, but there are a few good ones out there that are set to reinvent the way we tell time and more. From bluetooth capabilities to reading your email in the morning, these watches do it all. Check out the top ten smartwatches to accompany your wrist, below!

10. I'm Watch

The I'm Watch is one of the more sleeker, faster interfaces to use when it comes to a smartwatch. With smartphone compatibility and bluetooth synching options, you can expect endless use out of the I'm Watch. It was designed and produced in Italy, but don't worry about any location restrictions, the I'm Watch ships to the states.

Price: $200.00

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9. Garmin Fenix

The Garmin Fenix is perhaps one of the sickest smartwatches on this list. If you know anything about Garmin, you know that they specialize in GPS and navigation. You might have seen their logo on your GPS monitor in your car. If not, that's what Garmin does - they direct you to where you want to go in the easiest, most efficient way possible, so expect their new smartwatch to do the same. Navigate through winding hills and trails around the world, all while gawking at your wrist!

Price: $399.99

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8. Pebble Watch

The Pebble watch is the ultimate customizable smartwatch. With apps available and ready to be downloaded to Pebble's operating system, you can bet that the possibilities are endless. You can glance down at text messages while your phone is tucked away in your pocket, as well as change the song you're listening to - all on your Pebble. The Pebble watch is your phone's best friend. The most interesting thing about this watch is the fact that it originated from a KickStarter idea, and now, it's ready for the big leagues.

Price: $150.00

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7. Motorola MOTOACTV

Motorola is known for introducing us to some of the most innovative technology, yet. They prove that to be fact with their Motorola MOTOACTV smartwatch, which helps you be a better person when it comes to fitness and health. The watch promotes staying active, so expect to utilize the step counter, heart rate monitor and GPS tracker for when you're running. The Motorola MOTOACTV is what you should have if you don't have a Nike FuelBand.

Price: $199.00

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6. C00koo Watch

The Cookoo watch is the quintessential digital smartwatch. It has everything you need, and look for, in a watch manufactured today. Cookoo's slogan is, 'The Connected Watch,' so expect to have everything at your fingertips when it comes to phone calls, emails, text messages and all things communication. The Cookoo smartwatch also has a nice sleek look to it, which makes it more comfortable to sport with anything you're wearing, and that's a huge part of wearing a timepiece.

Price: $129.99

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5. SONY SmartWatch 2

The SONY SmartWatch 2 is one of those watches that you can only dream about ...for now, at least. It hasn't been released, yet, and pricing is still up in the air, but we know one thing: it's coming soon! Expect all of the things you look for in a smart device from SONY. Emails, calls, internet, weather updates - anything you desire - will all be featured on this device.

Price: Coming Soon

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4. Suunto Ambit 2

The Suunto Ambit 2 smartwatch is one of the more pricier watches, but it's for good reason. This watch plays a major role in the evolution of smart devices. The coolest thing about this watch is that it looks like a regular digital watch, but little do you know, it can do everything you can do with your phone in its LCD screen. For $500, who wouldn't spend a little extra cash just to be ten steps ahead?

Price: $500

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3. Casio G-Shock GB Series

G-Shock introduced us to the digital watch a long time ago, and with these new smartwatches, they plan to take over and kill the competition as we'd expect them to. The GB series watches feature phone calling capabilities, a heart rate monitor and a step counter, as well as everything else G-Shocks usually come equipped with. G-Shock obviously knows what they're doing when it comes to digital watches. For $180, this is a great investment for your wrist.

Price: $180+

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2. Meta Watch

The Meta Watch is the ideal smart watch. It has everything you need, just like all the other watches we've introduced. With a price tag of $300, the Meta Watch promises email, time, phone calls, text messages and other bluetooth-based features. It even tells you the weather, all on the same screen. If you're one of those people that likes everything in one place, the Meta Watch is for you.

Price: $300

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1. Apple iWatch Concept

Ah, last, but definitely not least, the Apple iWatch Concept. The disturbing thing about this watch is that it hasn't been mass-produced yet, but if Apple ever plans on releasing a watch device, this is probably what it will look like. After all, they did buy the iWatch patent in Japan, so who knows what they have in store? What would this touchscreen masterpiece be like? An iPhone 5 ...on your wrist.

Price: Coming Soon

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