Thanks To NYC Bodegas, You Can Get Your Yeezys For An Insanely Low Price

by Kate Ryan
REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Thanks to Twitter user @Alfred__Julius, now we all know where to get fake, shoddily stitched Yeezys: New York bodegas.

For only $15, you can buy a pair of Yeezy-ish shoes that may or may not survive a walk down one city block on a perfect spring day. Counterfeit bags have come a long way, with many looking just like the real thing.

But not these Yeezys. Whoever made these knock-offs had the balls to go all out, making no attempt to hide their apparent fraudulence. If you choose to wear these, you'll be making a bold statement, saying to the world that you stand by honesty and value straightforwardness.

With one crappy pair of sneakers, you can express your no-BS, inner maverick beliefs in the most backwards of ways, making you a true American hero.

Fake $15 Yeezys are now being sold at this bodega : — Complex Sneakers (@ComplexSneakers) March 25, 2016

And for only $15? In my opinion, that's not such a bad deal.

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