This Tesla Autopilot Feature Allows Dogs To Become Our Personal Drivers

by Kate Ryan

Just when you thought Tesla could not be more cutting edge, the company comes out with an autopilot feature that could allow your dog to become your new personal driver.

This innovation basically combines my two ultimate fantasies: owning an all-electric car and having my dog pick me up from work.

You can see the technology in action in the YouTube video posted by John Mayo-Smith (and embedded above), in which a senior golden retriever backs a Tesla out of a driveway.

At seven seconds in, you see the car pause while the cameraman gets out of the way. This is safety at its finest, people.

As a reminder, just because your dog chauffeurs you around now, doesn't mean he's any less of a human being. That carpool life is tough, so don't forget to say thank you.

You don't want your dog drinking chardonnay out of a thermos at nine in the morning, too. Just saying.

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