This Teen's Incredibly Intricate Drawings Take Doodling To The Next Level


We've all seen spiral notebooks decked out in mindless drawings.

But when it comes to doodling, 18-year-old Prianka Bassi takes drawing to a whole new level.

Bassi creates all sorts of intricate artwork meticulously sketched with unbelievable amounts of detail.

No really, these things are so complex, it must take her forever to complete them.

Bassi told BuzzFeed,

Thanks to her incredible talent, Bassi acquired quite a fan base on social media, racking up thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Apparently, Bassi's art teacher played a major role in helping her blossom into the budding artist she is now and even inspired her to follow her dreams and pursue a career in the arts.

Bassi said,

You'll be glad to know Bassi has no intentions to slow her doodling endeavors down anytime soon and plans to further refine her craft by continuing to draw and study illustration in college.

Take a look at the pictures below to see her incredible artwork.

Meet Prianka Bassi.

Bassi is an 18-year-old artist who loves to doodle.

However, Bassi's beautiful drawings are anything but ordinary.

All of her eye-catching creations are incredibly intricate, and the amount of detail in each drawing is pretty unbelievable.

Bassi told BuzzFeed, "I started drawing at the age of 8 or 9 but have been doing pen drawings in detail since I was 16."

She continued, "My first post was of a small pattern I did when I was bored in class and so many people liked it and wanted to see more, so from then [on] I posted more and more."

In fact, she now has an amazingly loyal following on social media.

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