You Can Now Take Selfies Without Pressing A Button And Life Is Complete

by Robert Anthony

And just like that, the selfie stick is now outdated.

That's because there's a new app called Snapi. It allows selfie queens and selfie kings everywhere to use simple hand gestures to snap their photos.

If you've ever tried using a camera timer app, you know it's a bit annoying to rush and push the center button, only for the person you're taking a picture with to appear blurry.

And if you use a selfie stick, it's really easy to look like a basic douchebag.

Behold, Snapi. It's an Android-based app developed by eyeSight that features gesture recognition, so you will never drop your phone while trying to click a button again.

All you have to do is access the app on your smartphone and pose for your photo while holding an open palm in front of the camera. When you're ready to snap your selfie, ball your hand in a fist. Snapi will then start counting down based on your timer settings within the app.

It's that simple! Say "hello" to the stick-less, button-less selfie.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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