7 Sweet Gestures Couples Who Smoke Weed Should Make For Each Other


Feel like you've been dropping the ball on appreciating your partner lately?

Maybe work or other obligations have the two of you neglecting each other. Try stoking the embers of your romantic life by simply doing something thoughtful or something a little out of the ordinary.

I'm talking a little out of the ordinary... Like, cleaning the bong. That's actually number one.

And remember, it doesn't have to be an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day to do something nice for the person who graciously sleeps with you.

Clean the bong

Or whichever piece you use the most.

If you're not an adamant dishwasher after every smoking session, then your glass is likely marinating in some of that scummy bong water lagoon filth. A lot of people recommend soaking it in a solution of alcohol and salt, but there are other ways. You're a grown adult who can figure it out.

Your significant other will be pleasantly surprised to come home to a clean bong with fresh water.

Speaking of coming home...

Pack a post-work bowl

Or bong load or roll a joint; whatever, whatever. You get the idea. Prepare some weed so that when they walk in the door and kick off their shoes after a long day of bullshit, they can smoke with streamlined ease. Merely eliminating a few steps in any process for someone is a nice favor. Fuck steps.

Come heavy with the snacks

Before your stony night in, if that's the route you go, make sure to pop off at the 7-Eleven or wherever you stock up on snacks. (Maybe Trader Jose's is more your brand?) Get a good mix of textures and flavors and be sure to get extra of whichever indulgence is your partner's favorite.

Write a cute note on their rolling papers

Then place it delicately back in the package so that the next time they go to skin up, they find a sweet little surprise, like a romantic fortune cookie.

Build a ~chill zone~

You don't have to go as far as making a blanket fort, but creating a space in your living area for maximum comfort is pleasurable as heck and a nice change of scenery.

Move the couch back and lay pillows and blankets down. Maybe eat at the coffee table while sitting on throw pillows instead of in chairs at the dining table. Just make it different!

The goal here is ultimate relaxation; so once the zone has been set up I suggest inhabiting it in comfortable clothing (i.e., sweatpants).

Rent a movie

Splurge a few bucks on renting something that's still new that you won't find in the usual corners of the streaming Internet. And if you really want to be a baller, throw that extra dollar on there for the HD version.

Get everything ready for bed

At the end of your super stony evening, whether you're about to pass out into weed-sleep oblivion or crossover into the Bone Zone, it's a dream to just fall into bed.

Make sure there isn't a pile of laundry sitting on the bed or Pokemon cards spread all over the place or whatever else the heck people leave on their beds during the day.

Get the lighting correct. Fluff the pillows. Wash the dang sheets. Now you're all set, buddy. Sweet dreams.

This post was originally written by Alan Hanson for The Kind.

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