The 'Super Troopers' Cast Hilariously Recreates Memorable 1D Photos

At some point, everyone has dreamed of being a famous pop star.

As a child, I was convinced I would be the next Beyoncé.

However, the only time I ever got a taste of fame was when my brother secretly recorded me as I belted out an awful rendition of "Crazy In Love" and posted it on YouTube.

Needless to say, my career as a world-dominating pop star diva never really took off, and, unfortunately, I thought I was a much better singer than the Internet did.

But hey, I'm not alone when it comes to wanting a piece of the spotlight.

Apparently, the comical crew from "Super Troopers" wants to become the next big boy band sensation.

So, to promote the upcoming sequel, these guys got together for an epic One Direction photo shoot.

That's right, all of your favorite officers of the law are now pop star singers and seriously, who needs Zayn Malik when you have Officer Thorny?

Forget One Direction...

...the "Super Troopers" cast is the newest boy band on the cell block.

These guys have the pop star scene on lockdown.

The star-studded "Super Troopers" band includes all your favorite officers of the law.

Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske and Jay Chandrasekhar are all here.

Instead of giving out criminal records, they're giving out best-selling records.

Seriously, these guys look so good right now, it should be illegal.

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