Student Uses His Wheelchair To Make Amazing 'Mad Max'-Inspired Costume

Being in a wheelchair isn't the end of the world.

Unless of course, your wheelchair happens to look like a scene straight out of the post-apocolytic movie "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Ben Carpenter is a seasoned cosplayer and engineering student from Florida born with spinal muscular atrophy.

For the Tampa Bay Comic Con, Carpenter decided to spruce up the appearance of his chair by giving it an epic "Mad Max" makeover.

Carpenter clearly put a lot of work into his costume, and the final product looked like a spitting image of the scene with Mad Max and Nux the War Boy.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Carpenter's badass wheelchair.

Meet Ben Carpenter.

Carpenter is wheelchair-bound due to spinal muscular atrophy...

...but that doesn't stop him from slaying the cosplay scene.

Recently, Carpenter transformed his chair into an epic costume inspired by the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road."

His incredible cosplay totally nails the scene featuring Mad Max and the War Boy Nux.

Carpenter's elaborate wheelchair even had a chariot attached to the back driven by his friend Amy.

He debuted his costume at the Tampa Bay Comic Con...

...and people went nuts over his insane "Mad Max" chair.

In fact, his costume was such a crowd pleaser, he even won best group cosplay.

Carpenter is certainly an inspiration to every cosplay enthusiast out there.

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