Starbucks Is Killing The Game With Nutella-Filled Oatmeal Cookies (Photo)

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that Nutella goes with just about anything.

Whether you're simply pairing this fine condiment with pancake mix to concoct Nutella pancakes or adding some of it to your morning cup of coffee, it just hits the spot every time.

And that's exactly why Starbucks is changing its bakery game by introducing a new Nutella-filled oatmeal cookie.

Along with the introduction, the company posted a quick fact about everyone's favorite hazelnut spread:

You could circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of Nutella produced in one year.

At least we know there's enough Nutella for Starbucks to continue filling cookies! Maybe it'll get crafty and recreate its Dream Bars to include Nutella. Maybe.

Until then, we're incredibly thankful that at least these exist. There's a barista somewhere waiting to take your order -- but you might need to be in the United Kingdom if you plan on grabbing a few Nutella cookies anytime soon.

Hopefully they'll do well across the pond and the Starbucks mermaid will bring them to the states.

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