Sonic's Square Shakes Are Actually Perfectly Designed For Instagram

In case you weren't aware, we are officially one nation created by Instagram, for Instagram.

In what may be the most Coachella move ever, Sonic recently revealed new square milkshakes that are perfectly designed for Instagram. What's more, you can only order the picture-perfect #SquareShakes through Instagram.

I mean, how can you not dig these? They're like the petit four of milkshakes.

The shakes, which are boxy versions of Sonic's new line of Creamery Shakes, will be available for one day only at the Coachella basecamp on Saturday, April 16.

When concert-goers see an ad for the shakes, they can click "Shop Now" directly on Instagram and have it delivered, thanks to a "geo-fence overlaid on the festival" -- whatever that means.

The best part? You can pay for your square shake simply by taking a picture of it.

My mind just exploded trying to detangle all the layers of social media ad tactics going on here. But I have to say, the shakes do look beautiful and delicious thanks to Christine Flynn, the creative force behind the Instagram account, @chefjacqueslamerde.

You can check out her process for making these square-ified shakes in the mouthwatering video below.

I have to admit, I've suddenly got the urge to go to Sonic for the first time possibly ever. Because that, dudes, this is the power of damn good advertising.

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