Some Genius Builds An 'Iron Man' Glove With Laser That Actually Works (Video)

If you've ever had the chance to watch an "Iron Man" movie in theaters, you know that deep down, you wish you could live the life of Tony Stark.

Aside from living in the insane Los Angeles house where the movie was shot, one of the main reasons would have to be his powers.

I mean, who wouldn't want an extremely powerful laser at their fingertips at all times?

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Laser Gadgets, we're introduced to a neat little device called the Dual Laser Iron Man Glove that replicates Iron Man's signature laser beam.

The laser is activated from the palm and lies in the center of the makeshift glove.

In addition to having an actual paper-burning, wood-cutting laser in your hand, the device also features a laser prop that doesn't cut and burn things in case you just want to play around with it.

It's pretty awesome, but you definitely wouldn't want someone aiming one of these things at your face.

The craziest part is that if you actually want to purchase one for yourself, you can.

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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