This Artist Brilliantly Highlights Society's Unbreakable Social Media Addiction


How obsessed with social media and technology are you?

While some of us are able to admit we can't live without it, others are blind to the fact that they even have an addiction to social media. What once started as frequent, late-night conversations with buddies on AOL Instant Messenger is now a daily, time-consuming activity that includes perusing photos, videos, hashtags and more.

Whether you're at the Super Bowl for the first time in your life, or you're watching a loved one graduate college, there's a high chance you whipped out your phone to Snapchat the whole thing rather than just experiencing it in real life through your own eyes.

In a recent series of illustrations composed by Belgium-based artist Brecht Vandenbroucke, we're shown the long-lasting affects social media addiction has on society.

Vandenbroucke's thought-provoking drawings highlight the different ways social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have changed the way we think, the way we communicate and overall, the way we live.

Check out the illustrations below for a closer look.

These days, most people live through their phones. A live concert? More like Snapchat time.

Every day we become more and more reliant on social media and tech products.

As artist Brecht Vandenbroucke put it, "everyday we walk a thin line..."

"Who needs ears when you can listen to yourself all day?"

Vandenbroucke's most recent work is proof that we're all controlled by tech and media. And there's not much we can do to stop "the takeover."

Aside from allowing us all to share unwanted opinions on public forums, social media has also granted today's society a new nickname: #LabelGeneration.

In addition to labels and hashtags, we've become obsessed with meeting random strangers online without having a clue who they could really be.

The internet, as a whole, has become a platform where, more than anything else, mediocrity is celebrated.

So, what lies ahead for social media and the internet? Not sure, but we'll probably have to subscribe to see it!

And in the end..."will any of this matter?"

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