This Guy Made The Ultimate Weed-Smoking Device Out Of An Ice Cream Sandwich

There's nothing worse than having lots of weed and nothing to smoke it with.

When you find yourself in this situation, desperate times call for desperate measures.

So it's no surprise people come up with all sorts of interesting things to smoke marijuana out of when there are no pipes or rolling papers on hand.

If there's one person who knows a thing or two about repurposing random things into pipes it's Instagram chef Tym Bussanich.

However, Bussanich's speciality lies in getting lit with all of his favorite snacks.

Yep, so far we've seen this stoner chef smoke out of everything from Cheetos to cake pops, proving nothing is safe from becoming a delicious smoking device these days.

Not even ice cream.

That's right. Bussanich recently put his pipe-making skills to the test by smoking out of a hollowed out chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

Bussanich posted his sweet smoking sesh on Instagram, and it's not hard to see this evil genius basically just found the perfect way to get baked all summer long.

Take a look at the video for a closer look at this insane ice cream pipe.

Instagram chef Tym Bussanich just pushed the limits of wake and bake, turning your favorite summertime snack into a seriously badass pipe.

That's right. This stoner chef just smoked weed out of a hollowed out chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and basically proved he is the master of transforming munchies into makeshift smoking devices.

If you're looking for more things that speak to your stoner soul, take the quiz below to find your perfect marijuana-inspired smoking song.

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