'Slide The City' Brings An Epic Slip-N-Slide Party To Your Hometown Streets (Video)

Not too long ago, we introduced you to a video shot by videographer Devin Super Tramp that showed a giant Slip 'N Slide right in the middle of a San Francisco street.

This time, we came across an awesome video that promotes Slide the City events. According to the Slide the City website, the event pops up in random cities around the United States and brings a Slip 'N Slide party right to the heart of each one.

It's everyone's summer dream. All you have to do to be included is buy a $10 ticket for three rides in your city, or a $20 ticket to slide all day long whenever Slide the City is in your town.

If you're not sold on this insanely fun summer event, say no more.

Just check out the video above!