Ditch The Crunches, These 20 Exercises Will Get You Six-Pack Abs

Everyone wants a flat, toned stomach.

However, scoring an Instagram-worthy six pack is usually easier said than done.

There's a pretty widespread belief crunches are the key to shedding fat and sculpting your stomach.

But if you've been crunching away with little results, it's probably because this exercise isn't as effective as you may think.

I know, the workout world can be so deceiving at times.

When it comes to toning the muscles of your midsection, it turns out not all exercises are created equal.

Since crunches only work the front and sides muscles of your abdomen, relying on rep after rep of this monotonous exercise won't do you much good.

Instead, you need to target all of the muscles in your core from a variety of angles.

So in order to help you finally get that six-pack stomach, we set out to find a bunch of awesome abdominal exercises so you can say "sayonara" to sit-ups once and for all.

Take a look at the pictures below to see 20 amazing ways to work your abs.

Inch-Worm Pushup

Heel Touch

Kick Through

Scissor Kick

Side Plank

Kettlebell Windmill

Side Bend

Wood Chop

Mountain Climbers

Seated Russian Twist

One Legged Stability Ball Pike

Flutter Kicks

Plank Hip Twist

Spider Plank

Hanging Leg Raise

Ab Rollout

Dumbbell Pushup Row

High Knees

Side Plank with Twist

Toe Reach