The 19 Classic Types Of Selfies You See On Instagram


Somewhere around the time camera phones became popular, people decided it was cool to take pictures of themselves and post them all over social media.

Now selfies have taken over the Internet making it practically impossible to scroll through your feed without seeing at least a few girls making duck faces or showing off their backsides in the bathroom mirror.

While no two selfies are exactly alike, most of these self-fulfilling photos can be placed into specific selfie categories.

Some people snap selfies to remind everyone how pretty they are and validate the fact they're hot AF.

Others take advantage of the self-facing camera on their phones to show off their fur babies, tell the world what they are eating for lunch or let people know they actually go to the gym (even if the bulk of their workout involves posing in the mirror).

Yep, the options are pretty much endless, there really is a selfie out there to suit everyone's vanity needs.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the different kinds of selfies people post on social media.

The #IWokeUpLikeThis Selfie

We all know there is no way you looked that flawless when your alarm went off.

The Car Selfie

Is driving while under the Instagram influence illegal?

The Belfie

Sometimes you just have to show off your best ass-ets.

The Over-Explained Selfie

No really, I swear there's a good reason for this selfie other than the fact I just love looking at my gorgeous face.

The Fur Baby Selfie

You will look at these 100 photos of my adorable dog, and you will like it.

The #OOTD Selfie

Also known as: using your outfit as an excuse to show off how damn good you look.

The Bragging Beach Legs Selfie

Is it someone trying to show off their legs on vacation or a pair of hot dogs simmering in the sun on a beautiful beach? The world will never know.

The Bathroom Mirror Selfie

Because there's no better backdrop than the place you do your business.

The Food Next To Your Face Selfie

Everyone knows  if you didn't Instagram it, you didn't eat it. Duh!

The Lazy Sunday Selfie

There's no shame in showing off the fact your Netflix and Chill game is strong AF.

The Gym Selfie

No workout is complete without 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of mirror pics.

The Celeb Selfie

Now everyone will totally believe Channing is your BFF!

The Six-Pack Selfie

You haven't achieved beast-mode status until you show off your abs in the bathroom mirror.

The Sh*tfaced Selfie

You definitely had your vodka goggles on when you decided a nightclub bathroom pic looked good enough for Instagram.

The Basic Bitch Seasonal Selfie

Nothing says sweater weather like laying in a pile of dead leaves with your beloved PSL.

The Duck Face Selfie

Nothing is more attractive than eating an invisible plate of spaghetti in your photos.

The Fish Gape Selfie

Because posing like marine life is clearly all the rage these days.

The Beauty Guru Selfie

You didn't spend three hours putting on makeup to only be seen by your cat and the FedEx guy.

The Convict Selfie

How else would the police know you got away with robbing a house if you don't post incriminating evidence all over the internet?