This Cat With 'Werewolf Syndrome' Might Be The Scariest Thing Ever (Photos)

The Internet is full of all kinds of quirky, unique-looking animals.

Some of them are worth upward of $100 million, like Grumpy Cat, and some others just have adorable smiling problems.

This time, we're introducing you to Atchoum, a furry feline with hypertrichosis aka "werewolf syndrome."

This condition means Atchoum grows fur at an extremely rapid rate.

Fortunately for the 1-year-old Persian cat, the Internet is into this sort of thing.

You know, evil-looking cats with obscure conditions you'd only hear about if we discovered evil-looking cats with obscure conditions!

Now, the true test is for us not to have nightmares after checking out the pictures below.

Meet Atchoum, an extremely furry feline with hypertrichosis.

Hypertrichosis causes Atchoum's fur to grow at an extremely rapid rate.

Atchoum has been making quite the buzz on the Internet, thanks to his unique, slightly demonic and evil look.

The Canadian cat already racked up over 30,000 Instagram followers and almost 35,000 likes on Facebook.

Impressive, huh? Yeah, he knows!

Despite his fierce appearance, Atchoum insists he's "hairy not scary."

You be the judge...

Would you want to see this little dude in your nightmares?

Maybe if he was helping you fight off bad guys!

Get on Atchoum's good side by following him on Instagram!

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