Samsung To Reveal Specs And Details On New Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Just days before Samsung is set to unveil its Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 4th, photos and concept renderings begin to float around, hinting at what Samsung's latest innovative technology could look like.

With smartphones already in control of our digital world, it's only right that the sophistication of things we use everyday becomes more advanced as time goes on. Samsung is doing a great job at demonstrating that with their attempt to take over how we utilize our watches.

For weeks, and even months, we've been hearing about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and now we're about to get the full scoop from Samsung themselves. How exciting! Now, let's get down to the specs and details.

Rumors have been floating around the web stating that the screen resolution of the watch will be a 1.67-inch display with a 300 x 300 pixel resolution, while another rumor suggested a slightly higher resolution of 320 x 320. AmongTech, a respected online technology source, says that the watch will sport a 2.5-inch 320 x 320 OLED touchscreen display.

In terms of the watch's picture-taking capabilities, we're hearing that it will sport a 2MP camera, which users will find very useful. AmongTech, however, states that the watch is expected to have 4-megapixel 720p image capturing capability. At this point, we're pretty sure everyone is just hoping for the best. If you think about it, Samsung will be putting themselves out on a ledge ahead of other industry giants like Apple and Sony, who has already managed to take a stab at perfecting the smartwatch.

Another cool hint at what could be in store for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch are these screenshots of the watch's device management software. From the screenshots, you'll be able to see that there are key features, such as a 'Find My Watch' tool and pairing capabilities (we're guessing bluetooth). Perhaps the thing that we know least about is how it will physically look.

We've just been exposed to mock ups and guesses regarding what the watch could look like, but Samsung has yet to give us a direct hint on that. With that being said, we'll see what the deal is come September 4th!

Photos Courtesy of: EV Leaks, Top Photo Courtesy of: Digital Trends