This Incredible Cake Was Inspired By Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Tasting Table

Crunchy yet chewy, nutty and very sweet, there's not much to improve upon when it comes to the Girl Scout Cookie classic: Samoas.

That said, in the kitchen, we often subscribe to a "bigger is definitely better" thought process.

So, we created a giant Bundt cake version of Samoas, which takes a boring old Bundt cake and gives it a makeover inspired by your beloved Girl Scout Cookies.

It consists of a cake filled with coconut and chocolate chips.

After it's out of the oven, the cake is drizzled with salty caramel and chocolate-coconut sauces and then topped with more toasted coconut.

The best part is you can make this dessert right at home because we broke the whole process down into a series of easy to follow steps.

Find the recipe here and check out the video above for a closer look at how you can whip up this tasty treat on your own.