A Rock-Climbing Cat Has Probably Seen More Of The World Than You Have (Photos)

There's a cat on Instagram that might have already traveled more places than you ever will.

Her name is Millie, and she's managed to take over her owner's Instagram account and rack up nearly 25,000 followers. Millie is a cat with a very adventurous spirit.

Her owner, Craig Armstrong, brings her along for his trips through canyons and over rough terrains. The results? Pure photographic gold.

As a matter of fact, the photos are so good, he created a website called Climb Kitty where he posts all of the money shots after his "catting" excursions with Millie.

The website reads,

Catting is putting your human agenda away. Having no expectations or destination. You let the cat wander freely. Your job is to follow, protect, keep safe from harmful places and predators.

That's right, Millie is basically the centerfold model while Armstrong follows her and protects her. In the process, he catches these breathtaking candid shots of Millie in the wild to share.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

Meet Millie and her human, Craig Armstrong.

The adventurous duo is known for its Instagram photos captured at unusually high altitudes.

Armstrong, who goes on a lot of weekend hikes and climbs, adopted Millie when she climbed on his shoulder at the adoption center.

She got so good at climbing and exploring, Armstrong decided to coin a term for it. It's called "catting."

Catting is when Armstrong lets Millie wander around freely and, in a sense, she walks him as he discovers!

As the fearless duo makes its way through canyons and over boulders in Utah, Craig snaps away on his camera.

Sometimes, Mille's overlooking the rough terrain below...

...and other times, she's hanging from door frames!

To keep her safe, Craig secures her with a leash, a harness and a rope.

After all, he wouldn't want her to get too adventurous!

When Millie isn't out climbing, she still tries to find ways to pretend she is.

As you can see, she hates being inside!

Interested in keeping up with Millie's adventures? Follow her on Instagram!

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