The Future Is Here: MIT's Robotic Cheetah Can Run And Jump Over Objects (Video)

It's happening. Robots are finally taking over the world...

OK, well, maybe not yet, but they're well on their way! In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we're introduced to a robotic cheetah with the ability to gallop and jump.

But this isn't just some robot toy you'd find at the toy store. This thing has some serious capabilities.

According to Daily Mail, the robotic cheetah can effortlessly jump up to 16 inches off the ground. It can also reach speeds of 30 mph on rough terrain and gallop for up to 15 minutes... all while using less power than a microwave. Impressive, huh?!

Not to mention, this thing's pretty smart, too. The cheetah repositions itself after hurdling over items in order to avoid any missteps -- just like a human or real animal would.

The best part? According to researchers, the robotic cheetah is able to run faster than Usain Bolt.

Check out the video above and see for yourself!

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