This Guy Rode A Motorbike In The Ocean And It Looked Totally Insane (Video)

From now on, I refuse to watch surfboarding unless it involves a motorbike.

Robbie “Maddo” Maddison looks at wave-filled oceans and confidently yells,

I will ride a dirtbike on it! I am Robbie Maddison, and I have no respect for the way things are supposed to be!

According to the video description, it took Robbie two years of planning to crack the code on how to motorbike through water systems.

In this DC Shoes shoot, Robbie is featured riding his retrofitted ocean-ready bike on the “world famous”-- the video description's words, not mine -- Papara and Teahupoo swells in French Polynesia.

Next, Robbie plans on Razor scootering up Mount Rushmore and eating cereal with a fork. Probably.

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