These Rich Cats Of Instagram Are Flexing Way Harder Than You Ever Will (Photos)

By now, you've probably seen the luxurious lifestyles of The Rich Dogs of Instagram.

However, these diamond-dripping doggies aren't the only ones in the animal kingdom balling out.

We recently came across some insanely rich cats that aren't afraid to make it rain on the reg.

Behold, cashcats.

Cashcats are the newest house pets living in the lap of luxury, and these privileged kitties aren't afraid to flex a few fresh stacks of green on an awesome Instagram account.

Whether these krispy kitties are counting paper, flashing gats or showing off their purrfect gold chains, it's not hard to see they're straight up Gs and will definitely give those rich mutts a run for their money.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these badass ballin' kitties.

Say "hello" to cashcats.

They guard stash with their cat gats.

Ball so hard other felines wanna find me.

Cooking up some fresh stacks, Heisenpurr style.

Meow, motherf*ckers.

Started from the bottom now we here.

Oh, you fancy, huh?

These krispy cats launder money like pros.

I'm in love with da cashflow.

Cashcats have expensive taste.

These felines are always fresh to death.

Can't see the haters with hundos on my head.

I woke up like this. #FelineFlawless.

You ain't about that feline Ferrari life.

This cat has money on its mind.

This racky feline fashion is on fleek.

She only wants me for my catnip.

Rack kitty, bitch.

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