Revolutionary Beehive Collects Honey Without Annoying The Bees Inside (Video)

Honey Flow

Bees are an example of an insect you can't live with, and you definitely can't live without.

Yes, they're flying creatures armed with terrifying stingers, and they're pretty much the reason I've grown to hate any type of outdoor event involving food. But they're also really important in the agricultural world because they pollinate pretty much all of the crops we eat.

Therefore, no bees essentially means no people.

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about the declining number of honey bees in the world. Aside from toxic pesticides, another problem plaguing these little guys is colony collapse disorder, the weakening of beehives by intrusive honey harvesting.

But someone just came up with a sweet idea to solve this problem, and it's pretty much the bee's knees.

Meet the Australian father-and-son beekeeping team, Stuart and Cedar Anderson.

These clever guys wanted to figure out a way to get all of that delicious honey out of their beehives without wreaking havoc on their beloved little bees, so they created the Flow Hive.

So how exactly does this innovative beehive work?

Well, the hives are designed to give the bees a partially built wall of honeycomb cells they finish constructing with their own wax.

After these hard-working bees get busy filling up the cells with honey, they seal them off with wax.

That's when the beekeepers can swoop in and open up the other side, thus allowing all that tasty golden honey to flow into a tap. Then the bees just reopen the empty cells and repeat the process.

With this clever contraption, the bees don't get pissed off when you rip open their honey-filled home, and the beekeepers don't have to be engulfed in a terrifying swarm of bees.

It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Take a look at the photos and video below to see the awesome Flow Hive.

Feast your eyes on the Flow Hive.

This innovative beehive lets you harvest honey without bothering the bees.

The bees simply finish building the cells with wax...

 ...then fill them with delicious golden honey before capping them off with more wax.

 Then the beekeepers can open up the other side...

...and all of the sweet honey flows out into a tap...

...without bothering any of the bees inside. Genius.

Watch the beehive tap in action

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