Rainbow Doughnuts Finally Exist, And They Look Insanely Delicious

You, a discerning human of principal, haven't tried the mega-popular rainbow bagels because they lack a certain sugar-coated quality. Your abstinence was not in vain.

Feast your freaking eyeballs on the Rainbow Cake Donut, and try not to drool all over your damn self.


Moe's Doughs Donut Shop took a page from The Bagel Store's handbook and created a rainbow breakfast treat for the sugar-crazed among us.

If you're an East Coast-er who values decorative, cakey dream morsels above all else (i.e. your career, children, pets, spouse, rent, etc.), drop what you're doing on the dirty floor this moment, head to Brooklyn and put an entire Rainbow Cake Donut in your food hole.

In the tragic event you live anywhere else, you can attempt to follow an online tutorial and create your own rainbow doughnut, but don't expect it to taste as heavenly as this Moe's creation.

Priorities, people. We all have them.

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