Hot Pilot Shows Off Epic Journeys In Breathtaking Instagram Photos

What happens when you combine a skillfully used selfie stick with a Qantas pilot and his furry best friend?

You get a pretty impressive Instagram account that is bound to make you want to quit your office job.

Meet Tom, the 25-year-old Qantas pilot who flies around the world and documents his journeys via incredible sky-high selfies.

When Tom isn't manning the wheel of a Qantas plane, you can find him snuggling up to his best friend, Cully.

The pictures he captures from thousands of feet above the ground are nothing short of spectacular.

The fact that Tom is pretty easy on the eyes and has an adorable dog doesn't hurt, either.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of Tom's awesome adventures.

This is Tom.

 This is his BFF, Cully.

When Tom's not snorkeling...

 Or spending quality time with Cully...

Or kiteboarding...

He's working as a Qantas pilot.  And he's capturing some pretty amazing pictures. Sometimes you can find Tom waiting for his flight. Other times, he prefers to hang out on the wing of his plane. He takes some awesome pictures of it floating above the clouds. One thing is for sure, the view from his office window is a lot better than yours. And Tom's office is filled with tons of cool gadgets. Not to mention, Tom gets a pretty great view of the sunrise. And during those long night shifts, the stars don't look too bad, either. Tom loves to take pictures in his plane... And catch a quick nap in its tail between flights. But his favorite thing to do is hop in the cockpit. He may be one of the coolest pilots on Instagram. After a long day's work, Tom can't wait to be reunited with Cully. However, having a life this awesome can sometimes be tiring. But they still manage to find enough time to watch the sunset before Tom has to take off on his next flight.

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