This Insane Pyrotechnic 'Sky Ladder' Just Changed The Fireworks Game

There are plenty of heartwarming ways to honor your loved ones.

A China-based artist named Cai Guoqiang chose to use fireworks to craft a ladder ascending into the sky as his way of honoring his grandmother on her 100th birthday.

However, it took over a decade to get the 80-second art installation to finally work.

According to TIME, Guoqiang's "Sky Ladder" installation was first attempted back in 1994.

Strong winds botched the attempt and prevented the balloon used during the installation from taking off properly.

Later, in 2001, he tried to put on the spectacle in Shanghai at the APEC summit. Due to the September 11 terrorist attacks that year, restricted aerial access put an early stop to the display.

Earlier this summer, the Chinese artist was finally able to pull off the spectacular "Sky Ladder" fireworks display for his beloved grandmother, and the footage is now going viral.

One look at this video and you'll agree it's worth all the attention it's getting! After all, it's not every day you see a literal "stairway to heaven" slowly working its way up into the night sky.

One word: magical.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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