PMS Ice Cream Comes In Flavors That Perfectly Describe Your Emotions

Every girl knows the struggles of making it through that dreaded "time of the month."

If being an emotional wreck wasn't bad enough, having your period also makes you want to eat all of those emotions, too.

Although pretty much any food that comes within a five-foot radius of you is fair game, most ladies would agree the ultimate snack to stuff your face with while you whine, watch chick flicks and cry for no reason is ice cream.

Recently, Texas-based graphic designer Parker Jones, set out to create a series of clever ice cream labels that really speak to women who see red during that time of the month.

Jones' brutally honest PMS ice cream pints feature hilarious flavors that perfectly capture the emotional stages and side effects that go along with being a hangry sociopath on your period.

Seeing these comical ice cream flavors will definitely make you laugh, and it will probably make all the guys out there really glad they don't have to go through this every month.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the comical PMS ice cream containers.

Finally, an ice cream that knows the struggles of being a woman.

This PMS ice cream features the flavors all gals can relate to during their monthly visits from Aunt Flo.

There's the always-delicious "Don't Come Near Me" rocky road...

...the strawberry "I Think I'm Dying," which tastes like heaven...

...and the honest "I Need Some More" mint chocolate chip flavor.

These pints also have the emotional stages of being on your period printed on their labels.

Whether you're eating your feelings...

...ready to punch someone in the face...

...or trying to find the strength to make it through those last few days of absolute hell...

This ice cream knows the struggle is real.

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