Someone Made A Platinum And Diamond Apple Watch That Costs $115,000 (Photos)

As the world awaits the official arrival of the Apple Watch, it's safe to say a new era of wearable technology is among us.

Despite the fact that smart watches have been available to the public for a couple of years from companies like Motorola, Google and Samsung, a lot of people have been waiting for Apple to put its spin on the trend.

And, just like every other newly released Apple product, people can't help but wonder what this wrist candy would look like dipped in gold and iced out in tons of diamonds.

We've heard about the gold iPhone 5S that sold for $10,000 on eBay back in the day. We've also heard about the diamond-encrusted, alligator-embellished iPhone that you have to call to inquire about.

But this time, it's all about the Apple Watch. A company called Brikk is selling a diamond Apple Watch that starts at $109,000 and is priced up to about $115,000.

It's called the Lux Watch Omni 950 Platinum, and it's absolutely insane. If you were passing on wearable tech because you thought it lacked pizzazz and lavishness, this is probably for you!

And hey, if you happen to miss a spot to preorder the plain Apple Watch, you can pay upward of $100,000 to ensure the tech giant's latest gadget has a spot on your wrist.

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Why have a standard Apple Watch when you can flood it with diamonds and platinum?

A company called Brikk is selling customized, super-luxurious Apple Watches that start at $109,000.

It's called the Lux Watch Omni 950 Platinum, and it's probably the most expensive smart watch on the market right now.

The entire band is made out of pure platinum.

That explains why it's priced up to $115,000!

According to the website, there are two different versions. One contains 11.3 karats of diamonds and the other has 12.3 karats.

If you thought smart watches couldn't be luxurious, you were so wrong.

Oh, and it comes in this cool metal case:

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