This Awesome Pizza Hut Box Uses Your Phone To Become A Movie Projector (Video)

The only thing better than a fresh, oven-baked pizza is a fresh, oven-baked pizza and a movie.

I mean, have you ever tried just eating pizza alone, minus the movie? Or how about watching a movie without the pizza?

Either way, it's traumatic and no one should have to endure such a thing!

Thanks to Pizza Hut, however, our worst nightmare could be coming to an end.

With the pizza chain's latest offering, pizza lovers will be able to indulge in delicious pizza and use the box it came in to make a movie projector.

Finally, the future is here.

It's called the Blockbuster Box, and patrons will have the choice of ordering boxes in four different genres, each with a unique design and movie download based on its genre.

The options include "Slice Night" (horror), "Anchovy Armageddon" (science-fiction), "Hot & Ready" (romance) and "Fully Loaded" (action).

And how it works is simple! First, choose the genre of movie you'd like to watch.

When your pizza arrives, take the pizza out, punch out the projection hole and insert the lens. Then, scan the barcode on the box with your phone.

Your phone will redirect you to a website with a movie on it.

Place your phone on the stand inside of the Blockbuster Box and hit play. Your phone will then shine the film through the projection screen.

As of now, the Blockbuster Box from Pizza Hut is only available in Hong Kong.

However, if the product does well in its test market, we could soon see it in the US.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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