You Need This Pimento Cheese, Egg And Fried Chicken Doughnut Sandwich (Photos)

There are breakfast sandwiches, and then there's the "Bright-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich."

Yep, if you thought a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich was worth getting out of bed for, you might want to brace yourself.

Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois really outdid himself this time by creating an epic egg sandwich for Blue Smoke's brunch menu that is pretty much the answer to all of your Southern comfort food prayers.

So what exactly makes this almighty sandwich so special?

Well, this heavenly creation is basically a honey-glazed biscuit doughnut smothered in pimento cheese, loaded up with spicy fried chicken followed by a fried egg, with a biscuit doughnut thrown on top for good measure.

If you're not eating a sandwich that swaps out buns for doughnuts, you're clearly doing breakfast all wrong, because this towering stack of Southern goodies looks delicious AF.

You could order it with a side salad, but let's face it, if you're ordering this thing you're probably not interested in eating anything green, or remotely healthy for that matter.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome sandwich.

Feast your eyes on the Bright-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich.

Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois created this bad boy for Blue Smoke's weekend brunch menu...

...and let me tell you, this thing isn't your normal egg sandwich.

This Southern treat is overflowing with spicy fried chicken and topped with a fried egg...

...oh yeah, and its buns are replaced by two honey-glazed, pimento cheese-encrusted biscuit doughnuts!

It's basically all of your favorite comfort foods piled on top of one another and smothered in cheese.

It looks so good, you might just die from its deliciousness, or possibly a heart attack.

Check out the video below to see how this mouthwatering sandwich is made.

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