This Pilot Takes Incredible Photos Of Herself Doing Yoga Around The World

When it comes to having a seriously awesome jobs, I think it's safe to say being a pilot definitely tops the list.

Don't believe me? Just as 32-year-old Swedish pilot, Maria Pettersson.

While the rest of us are working away in our cubicles, this Ryanair pilot spends her days soaring through the open skies and visiting a myriad of amazing places around the globe.

So what inspired this badass blonde to become an airplane pilot?

Pettersson told Elite Daily,

From young age my dad passed his interest in aviation over to me. I never thought of it as a career option for me, until I figured, 'Why not?' and just gave it my all.

However, cruising through the clouds in a jumbo jet isn't the only talent Pettersson has up her sleeve.

This gorgeous globetrotter also happens to be quite the yogi and isn't afraid to show off her impressive yoga poses as she travels to a variety of breathtaking designations abroad.

According to Pettersson,

For many years I have been doing my 'morning stretch routine,' which consists of some simple stretch exercises to get the body and mind ready for a new day. It was about one and a half year ago I decided I wanted to learn some more advanced poses.

Pettersson posts all sorts of incredible Instagram photos that showcase her fun adventures as a pilot, and I have to say, seeing some of these snapshots will definitely inspire you to quit your boring desk job and pack a suitcase.

Meet Maria Pettersson.

Pettersson is by no means your average 32-year-old from Gothenburg, Sweden.

This badass blonde is a commercial airline pilot who flies for Ryanair...

And takes all sorts of impressive yoga pictures... she captures her dreamy adventures around the world.

Pettersson has become quite the sensation on social media...

...and has already managed to rack up over 200,000 followers.

When she's not soaring through the skies...

You can normally find this pilot tying herself into a pretzel...

Striking a new pose in the sand...

...or looking at the world from a whole new perspective.

All of Pettersson's yoga-packed adventures look fun AF...

...and seeing her photos will definitely give you a serious case of wanderlust.

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