Photographer's Stunning Shots Capture Ocean Waves Like Never Before

There aren't many things in life that can match the alluring beauty of the deep blue sea.

For a recent project, Australian photographer Ray Collins set out to create a photography book, "Found At Sea," showcasing some of Mother Nature's most majestic features: ocean waves.

In this incredible visual series, Collins captures a variety of stunning swells, transforming the temporary tides into frozen frames of oceanic artwork.

His thought-provoking shots add a new depth of dimension to these saltwater scenes, and each of his "moody seascapes" reveal the characters concealed within the ocean's watery walls.

In a recent interview, Collins told Huffington Post,

I've set out to show and share my interpretation of light, water and movement, in an intimate way. As an artist I think you're constantly redefining your work, because it forces you to grow.

Take a look at the photos below to see Collin's incredible seascapes.

Ray Collins isn't your average ocean photographer.

He's a colorblind coal miner who traded in his pickaxe for a camera after a knee injury.

He set out to create amazing photographs for his new series...

...featuring a variety of stunning seascapes.

According to Collins, "...nothing feels better than being in the sea after breaking rocks and avoiding being crushed by collapsing tunnels for 12 hours straight. Complete freedom."

All of his ocean images showcase the ocean from an entirely new perspective...

...and capture the beauty and power of the sea like you've never seen before.

Take a look at the video below to see more of his incredible work.