Photographer Goes On A Bunch Of Hilarious Dates With His Teddy Bear (Photos)

When I was young, my favorite teddy bear (sensibly dubbed “Teddy”) and I were inseparable; wherever I went, Teddy came.

Of course, I wasn't alone: Most children have a stuffed animal they drag around everywhere.

And most children grow out of the practice once they're old enough to realize human company trumps that of an inanimate (albeit extremely cuddly) object.

Hossam Atef, however, never gave up on his teddy bear pal.

The photographer, who hails from Cairo, Egypt, recently completed a documentary-style photo series called "Tedd," starring himself and -- who else? -- his favorite childhood teddy bear.

The playful photos feature Atef and his stuffed pal on “dates,” of sorts.

In one, the pair sits side-by-side at the movies; in another, they ride tandem on a motorcycle. One even shows the two sharing a meal at a restaurant.

With the offbeat, quirky series, Atef aims to encourage viewers to “only be happy with yourself, don't care about people, and don't wait for anyone to change your life. Be the change.”

With a giant teddy bear dominating every image, it's kind of hard not to be inspired by the carefree, playful nature of the photo series.

See the images below, and head here to learn more about Atef and his work.

Good thing the bear isn't driving.

Just a casual lunch date with a Pepsi toast.

The juice box is a nice touch.

I'd hate to be the person behind that bear.

What do you think they're playing? Halo? Zelda?

Taking in the views of Cairo.

Aw, look at 'em holding paws, er... hands.

Riding on the back of a motorcycle is every bear's dream.

The guy next to them has no idea what's going on.

They make bear-y good dancing partners.

The bear is all, "No thanks, I'm gluten free."

True love <3.

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