Photographer Brilliantly Captures The Many Different Facial Expressions We All Go Through (Photos)

It doesn't matter what your zodiac sign is, if you're human, you know that we all have many different faces and emotions that we give off throughout our daily lives.

Mike Larremore, a Denver-based photographer, proves exactly that in his latest photo series titled the "Faceboard Project."

One single image is made using 16 separate images. Each of those 16 images features a different, unique emotion and facial expression.

Aside from the different facial expressions that each model is making, Larremore also made sure to photograph them partially naked to prove that just the expressions and emotions alone can provide that person's underlying character better than clothing can.

Check out the photos below for a closer look! How many different facial expressions do you think you make a day?









Check out more of Mike Larremore's awesome work here.

H/T: My Modern Met, Photos Courtesy: Mike Larremore