New Umbrella Invention Lets You Text In The Rain, So Life Is Complete

Finally, a device that lets you stay dry in the rain, freely use your phone and, according to the promotional video, harness raw physical chemistry with random beautiful women sitting at bus stops -- all at the same time.

South Korea's reportedly second largest phone carrier, KT, designed this ingenious device and named it the Phonebrella (of course, it's called the Phonebrella).

The Korea Times reports the device won a Red Dot Design Award for “Best of the Best” in product design.

The simple loops on the bottoms of the handles allow users to hold the umbrellas with their forearms rather than with their hands, freeing up their fingers to swipe around on phone screens.

Korea Times

According to Mashable, there is no information on whether or not KT plans on producing the Phonebrella, so for now, we all must continue suffering in the rain.

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