This Talented Pet Stylist's Instagram Account Is Too Cute For Words

Having great hair is something we all strive for.

However, humans aren't the only ones concerned about rocking impressive 'dos.

There are actually a lot of dogs that also think it's important to flex some fabulous fur, and these privileged pets only go to the best doggone groomers around.

Mehmet Güneş is an elite pet stylist who runs Momo Pet Kuaförü.

Recently, Güneş has been gaining a lot of attention thanks to his Instagram account featuring all of his adorable four-legged clients and their insanely stylish haircuts.

It's not hard to see this scissor-wielding dog stylist is one extremely gifted groomer. And it's almost impossible not to be jealous of the fact he gets to hang out with cute canines for a living while the rest of us suffer from boring human coworkers.

After seeing some of his hound hairstyles, you'll never give your pup to some rando groomer at PetSmart ever again.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome pet stylist's Instagram.

Meet Mehmet Güneş.

Güneş isn't your average hair stylist.

He's a super talented groomer and pet stylist...

...who runs a salon called Momo Pet Kuaförü.

Güneş has an adorable Instagram that shows off his happy canine customers.

The account captures everything from bath time...

And four-legged fur trims...

To barking blowouts...

...and doggy dye jobs.

Güneş doesn't just style man's best friend, either.

In addition to grooming his puppy pals...

He grooms fabulous felines...

...and gorgeous little guinea pigs, too.

If that's somehow not enough to make you die of cuteness, he also gets to dress some of his clients up in precious outfits.

This guy seriously the best job in the world.

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