12 People Confess The Real Reasons They Lead Others On

There's nothing worse than leading people on.

When it comes to the deceptive dating game, I've been on all ends of the spectrum.

I've deliberately ditched dudes once the chase was over, ghosted guys because I've been afraid to catch feelings and even unintentionally made a guy think I liked him when I was just being nice.

That being said, I've also experienced what it's like to be the one who's led on, and I can honestly say it really f*cking sucks.

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to like you and then vanish into thin air when things seem to be going pretty well?

Thanks to one app, now we all have some answers.

Whisper, a platform that lets you post anonymous messages with all of your secrets, recently asked a bunch of men and women to spill the beans on all the reasons they prefer to lead people on.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at some people's juicy confessions.

It's not you, I'm just afraid of the feelings.

I'm insecure about myself.

I don't think they can handle me.

I always self-sabatoge my own happiness.

I'm afraid to hurt their feelings.

I just can't do the whole commitment thing.

I'm just trying to get over my ex.

Once I get bored, it's on to the next.

I just like the attention.

Leading them on is more fun than having a real relationship.

I lead dudes on for the sole purpose of a good snuggle sesh.

I just do it because I'm lonely, tbh.

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