Mind = Blown: You've Been Peeling Avocados Wrong Your Whole Life

It's always shocking to find out you've been going about a seemingly simple task the wrong way your entire life.

Remember when we showed you the right way to make hard-boiled eggs?

Well, egg shells aren't the only things you've been peeling incorrectly.

Apparently, we've also been peeling avocados the wrong way.

I know, the kitchen can be such a deceiving place.

So in order to figure out how to peel these bad boys, we turned to science.

Experts at the American Chemical Society claim the most nutritious section of the avocado is the dark green part located directly under the skin.

To get the maximum benefits from this superfood, you need to cut the avocado vertically all the way around the seed, then separate the avocado in half by twisting it.

Next, you should remove the seed by hitting it with a knife and twisting it. Finally, cut each half of the avocado into another half and peel the skin off instead of using a spoon to scoop it out. Simple.

Check out the video for a closer look at the avocado peeling process.

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